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This is probably first of its kind department in the country where a dedicated team treats ailments of the upper extremity. Dr. Vikas Gupta has more than 6,000 successful hand upper extremity surgeries to his credit. He has been a pioneer in this field and many of the procedures were introduced by him in India. All kinds of elbow disorders are treated by Dr. Vikas Gupta. Following are a few broad groups we have divided elbow disorders

Elbow arthroscopy: Minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery of the elbow where surgery is done through small (< 1cm) incision.

Total elbow replacement, radial head replacement: Whenever joint is arthritic leading to pain/stiffness prosthetic (artificial) is used to replace elbow joint. Total elbow replacement is also done in cases where joint is broken severely such that it cannot be reconstructed with plate and screws.

Stiff elbow whenever there are decreased movements because of any surgery or injury. We carefully remove the cause and regain movements.

Newer modalities like stem cell therapy for tendinopathies like tennis elbow

Advanced rehabilitation therapy each surgery is complemented by advanced rehabilitation by our rehabilitation team. We use advanced braces like turnbuckle brace, continuous passive motion devices, functional manual therapy with contemporary rehabilitation protocols which results in best outcomes after surgery

About Dr. Vikas Gupta

He has been first person to perform Total Wrist replacement (ceramic on ceramic) in India. :
Pioneered arthroscopic procedures

He pioneered arthroscopic procedures for wrist and has largest series in the country. His work on arthroscopic assisted fixation of distal radius fractures was accepted for presentation at British hand society and arthroscopic findings of different pathologies of wrist was presented at American Society for Surgery of the Hand.

Largest series of radial head/replacements
Fixation of hand and wrist fractures
First to percutaneous fixation (< 1 cm incision)
More than 40 publications in national and international journals
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